UGRacing enjoyed its most successful competition to date at FSUK 2021, with multiple podiums across Dynamic and Static events. Looking to build on this success, and lay the foundations for future development, the 2021 – 2022 season will be our most ambitious yet – download our Technical Plan below to read more!

Technical Plan

We plan on delivering four unique vehicles at FSUK 2022



Our ambition is to bring Scotland’s first electric Formula Student vehicle to a competition. The team will lay the necessary foundations for future electric vehicle development, while retro-fitting the electric powertrain into our 2019 chassis to minimise expense. 


In order to remain competitive, we have decided to retain combustion vechicle technology. We will design and manufacture a highly-refined version of UGR20, with a new aero package, chassis and driver environment, with a focus on increased testing. 


Our Driverless team aim to build on the success they found at the 2021 competition, with performance improvements to the software and further testing and validation. 


We have found great success in previous years by encouraging junior team members take charge of a “design-only” entry to present to judges at competition, giving them the skills needed for future year’s design-for-manufacture. This year, we will bring an iteration of our electric vehicle concept to competition. 

Mission Statement

At UGRacing, we aren’t just a team that builds a car: we are the foremost opportunity at the University of Glasgow for students to gain industry-style experience, and so are directly shaping the engineers of the future. We are proud of our holistic approach and the key qualities we strive to bring to every project: innovation, professionalism and passion.

Innovation is key to our competitive edge. Whether it be saving every gram of weight to create the best performing race car possible, incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques to get more work done quicker or coming up with an enterprising business pitch, pushing the boundaries of every aspect of the team is a substantial part of our DNA.

Professionalism is essential to our work. We aim to hold ourselves to industry standards and approach every task with due diligence, expertise and determination. The professional abilities displayed by our members – such as teamwork, attentiveness, self-motivation, adaptability to new challenges and communication skills – ensures UGRacing consistently performs at the highest level and prepares our members with the skills needed for the start of their careers.

Passion drives all that we do. We’re enthusiastic about motorsport, engineering, competition, working together, inclusivity, inspiring others to study STEM subjects and understanding how new technology can make automobiles more environmentally friendly. It is our common interests and our sense of comradery that motivates our team to work tirelessly each year and have fun while doing it.