Name: Jack Dunlop

Sub-team: Chassis & Dynamics

Part: Braking System

The braking system encompasses the hydraulic circuit and its components which is used to slow down and stop the vehicle. It needed completely redesigned for our new 10” wheels and UGR-19 sees the use of 4 custom Disc Brakes with two separate hydraulic circuits for front and rear. The system uses lightweight callipers and minimal reservoirs along with a bespoke pedal box optimised for driver use. The Stainless-Steel discs are designed to maximise pad bite, have optimal thermal efficiency and be as lightweight as possible. This was the first time I had ever used FEA simulation software, so it was a challenge to set this up however mechanical stress testing was carried out on the brake discs, image below. This system is lighter than UGR-18’s and effectively works with the new 10” Wheels.