busy day in the garage! Our Head of Powetrain, Peter, has written today’s update:

The radiator has been refurbished and the swirl pot was manufactured, thanks to G&M for both of those things. This has allowed us to assemble all the features of the cooling system and install the coolant plumbing, composed of aluminium tubing and rubber hosing, (what I was doing today). This means we can next assemble the sidepod which will both optimise airflow through the radiator and protect it from damage.

The fuel tank has now been fully welded and has been installed into the chassis, thank you to G&M for manufacturing that. The fuel injector housings have also been attached to the engine head. This has allowed us to assemble all of the fuel lines connecting the tank to the fuel injectors, meaning our fuel system is very near to completion.

Check out today’s vlog: https://youtu.be/A6Y21l51a_g