This season UGRacing has added over 30 members to the team. From a range of various backgrounds, the new members are already extremely excited to contribute and bring new skills to the design of the car and help with the smooth running of the team. With this large increase in the team’s size, we can spread our work more effectively and put our resources to better use.

With the large recruitment effort this season, the sub-teams have expanded significantly. As such, Human Resources & Logistics has split from Sponsorship & Marketing to form a new sub-team. This will allow for smoother organisation of specific events such as our annual car launch with more specialised team roles now in place.

This year also sees the return of our Team 2, made entirely of new recruits, who will spend the year working on a design-only project which will also be entered at the Formula Student competition in July. Each new recruit has been paired with a more experienced team member, a teaching method developed in recent years with great success