We’re glad to see that you are interested in becoming part of UGRacing, however recruitment for the 20/21 season has now closed. We will be contacting applicants soon.

Technical Positions

The aerodynamics team works with all aspects related to airflow over the car, the aero kit we design will ultimately dictate the aesthetics of the car as well.

Formula student cars compete on circuits with many tight corners and few long straights, grip is therefore extremely important. The primary goal of the aerodynamics team is to maximise downforce produced by the car to aid traction and increase cornering speeds, simultaneously we aim to minimise the drag created by the car and added aero devices.

As part of the team you will design components in 3D CAD, validate designs through CFD analysis with STAR CCM+, take part in practical testing on track and wind tunnel testing with scale models. You will also be assisting with manufacturing of the aero components and have opportunities to work with advanced materials such as carbon composites.

The chassis sub-team are responsible for the design and manufacture of the core structure of the car, housing and connecting all components together. The primary goal is to create a stiff yet light structure, using the car’s tires to their fullest extent, resulting in a faster car. The team currently utilises a spaceframe chassis, however, we are transitioning to a CFRP monocoque for the 2021 season in pursuit of this goal.

As a part of the sub-team, main areas of development include; monocoque, driver environment, impact attenuator, a-arms, rockers, anti-roll bars and more. You will design components in 3D CAD software, optimise and validate using finite element analysis, and perform physical testing on and off track. This is all whilst considering cost, manufacturability, assembly and reliability.

You will work with people from across the team, along with sponsors and the university workshop to produce your designs. Additionally, you will also assist with manufacturing and assembly providing a unique opportunity to work with space grade metals and advanced carbon composites.

The vehicle dynamics sub-team is responsible for the design of the architecture of the car. This means deciding wheelbase and track dimensions and front to rear weight bias, as these parameters have the biggest influence in the behaviour of the vehicle. In addition to that, suspension, steering and tyre modelling are key tasks within the vehicle dynamics team.

As a part of this sub-team, you will be using MATLAB and Simulink to create optimisation tools for all tasks mentioned above, ranging from steady-state optimisation routines to full vehicle transient simulations and data processing.

You will work with people from all technical sub-teams, as in many cases it is paramount for the design of components to know what effect they have in the behaviour of the car. Further, the tools built to optimise the various parameters should also serve as a base for members from other sub-teams to justify their design.

Additionally, you will have a chance to come to the testing sessions with the team to both validate the models built during the first half of the year and aid in the set-up of the car.

EV Positions

The High Voltage team oversees the electric motors and all components that are required to supply them with up to 80 kilowatts of power.

We will purchase the motors and motor controllers from an external supplier and design and build a custom drivetrain to integrate them into our car. Using the sensor data supplied to us by the low voltage electronics team it is our job to control the motors in such a way that maximises performance on the competition circuit.

The battery will also be custom designed and manufactured by us. This includes a battery managements system that ensures controlled discharging of all cells. In addition, there are various safety circuits that are required by the competition to shut off the high voltage system in cases such as the battery overheating or the car crashing.

The team is just now transitioning to an electric powertrain so much of this work is new to all of us. As a member of this sub-team you will be part of a learning process that future UGR members will hopefully be able to build upon.

The Low voltage sub-team is responsible for the design logistics and manufacture of the electronic systems on and off the car. These include wiring, bespoke sensor circuits, data management systems, driver assistance/display systems, and low voltage power systems. Our goal is to create small light powerful electronic solutions that meet the design requirements of harsh automotive environments. The team uses 3D cad modelling, industry standard PCB development and enclosure design techniques to achieve electronic systems that are more advanced than those typically taught within an electronics degree.

Unsprung mass includes components of the car that are not supported by the suspension: wheels, hubs, brakes, uprights, driveshafts and more. It has a very significant effect on vehicle dynamics: the lighter these components are, the more grip can be achieved, the faster the car.

In the unsprung mass subteam you will use 3D CAD software to design components, then use finite element analysis (simulation) packages and, possibly, physical testing to validate your designs. In addition to minimising mass and maximising strength, you will also consider practical aspects of component design: cost, manufacturing, assembly, as well as longevity and reliability. You will produce manufacturing drawings and work with sponsors and the university workshop to have your designs made.

Development Positions

The Driverless Team is the youngest sub-team of UGR and with the software it is currently developing, UGR will compete in the Autonomous Racing Events of the Formula Student Competition in summer 2021. We are developing the autonomous racing software entirely from scratch and development areas include Visual Object Detection, Motion Estimation and Mapping based on a range of sensor inputs like IMU and GPS, Vehicle Modelling and Trajectory Planning as well as sensor programming and CAN interfacing. What we look for in the Driverless team are interest and dedication to our project and a desire to learn about the computational and mathematical concepts behind autonomous driving. Desirable skills are experience in C++, Python or other programming languages, a talent for Maths or knowledge on Electronical Engineering or Dynamics. If any of the development areas sound right for you, don’t hesitate to apply!

Operations Positions

UGRacing’s Human Resources and Logistics team handles a wide variety of work to ensure the team runs smoothly each year. We are responsible for recruitment, coordinating team kit, planning team socials such as our annual karting trip, organising our Car Launch to display our new car to our sponsors, and handling all the logistics of getting the team to Silverstone for Formula Student UK. We are looking for new team members who will be able to come up with new ideas for team socials, organise logistics, and communicate with other students and different organisations. This role requires good organisational and interpersonal skills, as well as an ability to think outside the box and be creative.

This is a great opportunity for students looking to boost their employability, gain experience in working in motorsport, as well as being part of a fun and exciting team! If this is something that interests you – apply now!

Sponsorship and Finance is responsible for making sure that the team has the funds to develop and build a competitive car each year. We do this by maintaining good relationships with our current partners, as well as reaching out to potential new ones. Our team works closely with the Technical teams to understand what they need, and the Operations teams to communicate with and provide value to our partners. We are also responsible for creating a business case for the Business Plan Presentation event at Silverstone where we have previously placed 2nd and 3rd. We are looking for team members who are organised and motivated to work hard. The current recession is proving to be a big challenge for us, so we need people who can think outside of the box and perform well in the face of adversity.

Working in Sponsorship and Finance is a rewarding experience that gives you a great opportunity to improve your communication and negotiation skills. You will talk to business owners, cold call companies, develop business cases, and come up with creative partner strategies. If you can see yourself in this role, then apply now.

IT in UGR is responsible for implementing, maintaining, and securing the computer infrastructure that keeps UGR working. We work closely with the University’s Engineering and Central IT teams as well as our external partners to provide the services required for a successful racing team. We do our best to help develop our members soft and technical skills through our regular activities in addition we support a wide variety of member lead projects in areas that interest them; whether you’re interested in server management, website development, cyber security, programming or anything else in the computing science and IT world – IT will do our best to support you.

The Marketing and Media sub-team is responsible for promoting UGRacing and updating the public on the team’s progress. We have a hand in designing the livery for the car and also need to ensure that the car in its entirety is seen by as many people as possible through video production, taking plenty of pictures, social media posts and reaching out to local media outlets. We constantly keep our supporters and partners informed with the latest build updates, competition plans and general news that the team has to offer. We work closely with the Sponsorship sub-team to attract new backers through the distribution of partnership packs in order to entice potential partners to support the team.

A role in Marketing and Media is an excellent opportunity to utilise your creativity and strategic business skills through the medium of motorsport. On top of an appreciation for racing cars and engineering, candidates should have a keen interest in marketing and have skills in the mediums of professional social media management, photography, film making and / or graphic communication (experience with Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Publisher preferable). You will be part of a fun team and develop professional skills during your time with us!