January Recruitment

This year UGRacing is holding recruitment for specific sub-teams.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Once spaces are filled we will close applications for that sub-team.

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4 Avaliable Spaces

UGRacing’s Driverless branch researches and develops the software for an autonomous racing car. The team has been running for 5 years and is one of the most successful in the UK, having placed 3rd out of 20 at Silverstone last summer.

Members of the team work on a wide range of robotics and artificial intelligence problems including computer vision, vehicle control, state estimation, simulation development, and path planning.

Driverless is recruiting 4 first-years to help shape the branch’s future. If you want to work with bleeding-edge technology, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and learn about robotics and AI, then make sure to apply!

rRecruiting 4-5

Software Development and IT

3 Available Spaces

The Software Development and IT team is responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining, and securing the computer infrastructure that keeps UGRacing running.

Being a member of this team can mean using your technical skills to build complex web apps that automate and streamline engineering processes. This includes database design, UX design, functional programming, data processing, and configuring a VM to automate logs.

We are also responsible for maintaining the team’s website alongside other digital technologies, and finding intricate file management solution

We are primarily looking for frontend developers(JavaScript, React, etc) and those who are interested in IT. If you have an interest or experience in either of these then don’t hesitate to apply!

Marketing and Partnerships

1 Available Spaces

Marketing and Partnerships is all about how UGRacing presents itself. This team works together to create the UGRacing brand and promote our team both to new members and potential sponsors. The team’s duties range from social media to filmography, and from graphic design to communication. Being a part of the Marketing and Media team gives its members the chance to be creative and see the results of their work through online engagement and team awareness. If relevant feel free to upload a portfolio along with a CV when applying.

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